Panthers News · 2020 NorthWood Winter Teams

Unfortunately our community has not been able to attend our events as normal.  We continue to plug away at all the issues we need to deal with as an athletic department.  Our coaches and athletes have done an amazing job at complying with protocols and making it work the best we can.  More than likely we will need to deal with more issues as they arise but rest assure we will deal with it and get our teams back when it is safe to do so.  If you know some of the athletes that are pictured reach out to them and let them know you support them and appreciate all they are doing to compete and represent NorthWood.  Believe me it is not easy for anyone and sometimes they just need a quick card or maybe text to let them know you are thinking of them and support their efforts.  Picture credits go to Jeff Stillson.

Varsity Boys & Girls Swimming

Back row: L-R  – Scott Bowers, Nick Jones, DJ Ellison, Bryce Parvu-Timmer, Lucas Warren, Dillon Boggs, Brennan Parvu-Timmer, Ashton Beachy, Joe Hahn, Logan Beachy, Sheryl Hawkins

Middle row: L-R – Connor Marshall, Kaleb Eberly, Alex Bowers, Wyatt Petrie, Dominic Meshack, Skee Mishler, Cameron Yoder, Kane Bellman, Lucas Bollenbacher

Front row: L-R – Julian Jansen, Bereket Bennett, Katie Montgomery, Abby Montgomery, Reagan Koble, Maddie Hawkins, Andrea Williams, Elle Roberts, Andrew Williams, Nic Anderson.

Not pictured: Parker Filley, Matthew Earl, Kayla Kemp, Karson Kirby

Varsity Wrestling

Front Row L – R – Wesley Yoder -Austin Mullet – Lynkin Ratcliff – Payton Griffin –Dustin Miller –        Mario Ortiz-Young – Keith Miller

Second Row L – R – Jesse Mullet– Sam Schultz – Trey Tobias – Kaden Lone – Ryan Miller– Izzy Maller

Third Row L – R – Josh Zimmerman – Mason Yoder– Garrett Ellis – Josh Zimmerman – David Thomas –       Caiden Trafan – Brice Martin

Back Row L – R – Nate Andrews – Wesley Menzie – Joas Miller – Alex Walker – Keller Dittman – Connor Ratcliff – Hunter Lechlitner – Blake Herr – Isaac Benjamin – Rod Lone

JV Girls BB

Front Row – L-R – Megan Mikel – Sidney Martin – Grace Harner – Carly Mast

Second Row – L-R – Sophie Grueser – Karissa Kauffman – Julie Wingard

Back Row – L-R – Gene Zercher – Jon Andrews – Kaley Martin – Joselyn Edwards– Riley Kitson – Olivia Oman – Mark Heeter

Varsity Girls BB

Front Row (L-R) – Lili Lomeli – Carly Mast – Abby Steiner – Macy Lengacher – Kendal Miller – Fatima Ghaffar

Second Row – Riley Kitson – Joselyn Edwards – Bre Wise – Aaliyah Bonner – Alea Minnich

Coaches – Jon Andrews – Mark Heeter – Gene Zercher – Audrey Duncan – Mgr. Cody Lambert – Ashley Ramirez

Freshman Girls BB

Front Row – L-R – Joslyn Miller – Audrea Schwartz – Jenna Householter – Hannah Chupp – Sunny Mishler – Madison Martin

Second Row – L-R – Karis Bennett – Brooklyn Anglemeyer – Gabby Garcia – Callie Johnson – Ashlyn Brooke

Back Row – L-R – Audrey Duncan – Brooklin Brubacher – Yareli Castro – Ashley Ramirez

Varsity Boys BB

Front Row (L-R) – Sam Sheets – Aaron Wolfe – Jamarr Jackson – Cooper Wiens – Ian Raasch – JJ Payne – Caden Graham – Brock Bontrager –                       AJ Risedorph – Zac Lechlitner

Second Row – Kyle Cripe – Jakyah Qaiyim – Caleb Schwartz – Ben Vincent – Neez Smith – Cade Brenner – Chaz Yoder – Ethan Evers – Ethan Wolfe – Spencer Culp

JV Boys BB

Front RowL-R – Sam Sheets – Neez Smith – Jerry Hodges – JJ Payne – Kayne King – Ashton Hochstetler – NiTareon Tuggle – Zac Lechlitner

Second Row – L-R –  Jakyah Qaiyim – Luke Miller – Camden Ransberger – Cole Davies – Ethan Evers – Keegin Stats – Ethan Wolfe – Spencer Culp

Freshman Boys BB

Front Row (L-R) – Jack Zercher, Dawson Kemp, Seth Russell, Garret Fear, Caleb Lechlitner, Bryce Blosser

Second Row (L-R)Qaiyim,Wesley Bell, Trevor Barrett, Owen Roeder, Preston Andrews, Grant Miller, Isaiah Hattery, Spencer Culp