Panthers News · NorthWood Football @ Leo tonight!

Good Morning Panther Nation!

I come to you this morning completely understanding and empathizing with the fact this has been a tough week for just about everyone.  My high school English teacher used to sing a song every Friday titled “Today is Friday”.   Mrs. Rosenbaum sang it from the heart and we all loved her infectious, positive and vibrant sprit.  All of us have that same opportunity to positively effect others that need it during these unsettling times.  I will spare everyone the singing but in honor of Mrs. Rosenbaum, “Today is Friday!”   It is tough to constantly be looking for a silver-lining but it is something we must do.  Don’t let whatever you are dealing with win the battle.  It is tough to hit a moving target so keep moving forward.

Throughout this week our football team has been preparing to play in round #2 of the IHSAA Sectional which will be played at Leo kicking off at 7:00 p.m.  Most of our fans will not be able to make the trip tonight for many reasons but you will be able to watch the game on our video network through Michiana Promotions.  This can be found by going to  I am excited to be able to go watch a high school athletic event on any Friday night.  I would guess that many will be looking forward a restful night at home, if you find yourself looking to watch something besides, “I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE” tune in for a FREE broadcast of NorthWood Football.

Stay Safe and Go Panthers!