Multiple Teams · Male Spotlight Athlete of the Week

 Let’s meet this weeks Male Student-Athlete!

Kyle Cripe of Nappanee

Grade 12
Son of Randy and Andrea Cripe
Schools attended while at Wa-Nee Community?
Nappanee Elementary
NorthWood Middle School
Athletic Team(s):
Basketball, Golf, & Soccer
Why is being a student-athlete important to you?
Because it allows you to be a part of something bigger than yourself and represent NorthWood.
List of accomplishments/awards as a student and athlete.
Boys Golf 2019 Most Improved, Got an eagle in a golf tournament over the summer, 2019 Nappanee City Golf B-flight Champion, Involved in Marshall County Junior Golf Tournament, Competed in Lifestyle Junior Golf Tour
What is your goal after high school?
My goal is to keep playing sports after high school.
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