Panthers News · Stay the Course!

NW Athletes & Parents,

As the month of July begins to come to an end there are still many questions left to be answered.  We want to assure all of our families that we are doing the best we can to stay on top of an ever-changing situations.  Our NW Athletic Re-open Plan continues to work to mitigate Covid-19 among our teams.  We have had to ask a few athletes to quarantine due to exposure and they have done so without hesitation.  Parents have been understanding and supportive of the task we all have in front of us.  We would encourage you to continue to screen your kids.  There have been some instances in which kids have been prevented from coming to summer workouts by their parents that most likely helped prevent spreading Covid-19 to other athletes and coaches.  Don’t let up now that we are getting close to the end of July.  We cannot let our guard down.  Keep fighting towards our goal of playing NW athletics again.  Dr. Croner, Mr. Widner and myself are in constant contact with the Elkhart County Health Department and the response time we have received from their office has been nothing short of outstanding.  They are quick to reply and give us good professional advice on how to deal with scenarios we find ourselves dealing with.  We are learning something new everyday that helps the overall health of our athletes and coaches.

The world we were used to has been shaken since March of 2020.   We have seen a lot of scary issues over the last several weeks not just facing our local community but our country.  We all need to get back to being kind and understanding of each other.  We need to have empathy for others and support each other in our time of struggle.  Not so quick to blame or judge but quick to help and forgive.  When we get passed these troubling times, generations to come will judge us as to how we dealt with this adversity.  We can all do better and maybe that better begins tomorrow.  It has been so good to have athletes and coaches back at school!  They might not always be able to admit it but kids are happy to be back too!!  Stay safe – WASH YOUR HANDS! –  STAY THE COURSE…………..GO PANTHERS!