Panthers News · NorthWood Athletics to continue in Phase 1

NorthWood Parents and Athletes,

The Elkhart Country Health Department has recommended that NW continue on in our Phase 1 plan.  As a school we could not agree more with this recommendation.  We have had different individual scenarios in which we have had to implement our plan with our athletes and their families. We feel that the plan is working to mitigate any further spread while our teams are conducting summer workouts.  Our coaches have continued to take daily attendance which is then turned into our Sports Medicine room, then compiled for daily attendance to the athletic office.  As we continue with Phase 1 please continue to be vigilant with screening questions at home prior to coming to school.  It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to keeping your child home from summer workouts.  We would highly encourage all families that are having to question whether “close contact” has occurred with your child to be over-cautious and stay home.  If an athlete misses a summer workout it is not a big deal……

Our team schedules will remain the same as they have been over the last two weeks through July 31, 2020.  If plans would change due to further direction from the Elkhart County Health Department we will notify all families via our website and our coaches communication methods.   We cannot stress enough to everyone that without your cooperation this plan will not be successful.  Please do your part and screen your children every single day.   There are families that are dealing with the reality of Covid-19 as you read this.  We wish those families good health and a quick recovery from any symptoms you might be experiencing.  If your family has been lucky enough to continue to avoid it keep up the good work and continued good health.

All the Best,