Panthers News · Summer workouts on the horizon!

As we continue to progress towards July 6 and the re-opening of summer workouts we are needing to communicate an important topic to all NW athletic families. The IHSAA in conjunction with the Indiana Department of Education has informed us that each athlete will need to complete the form that can be found on our athletic website in order to practice. Go to click on the MORE tab and under forms is the paperwork needed labled IHSAA HEALTH RELEASE FORM 2020. The IHSAA will accept all physicals from last school year that are on the IHSAA form. On the Health Release Form there will be two pages of information that will need to be completed and signed by both the athlete and parent/guardian. If you answer yes to any of the seven questions that athlete MUST have a new physical before the first day of IHSAA practice on August 3, 2020. For example; if your son/daughter was diagnosed with a concussion after their physical was completed last year they will need to get a new physical even if they had been released by your doctor. Another example is if your son/daughter had surgery during this time frame they will need a new physical. None of this is trying to make our lives more difficult but safe for all involved. I do have a list of athletes that I will be sending an email to notify the need for a new IHSAA physical before August 3.
Please complete the Health Release Form and turn it into your coach on the first day of workouts. We will not accept electronic forms, please do not email them to me or the coaches. We will take the forms and be placing them inside the physicals from last year and you are good to go for 2020-21 athletic season. For incoming freshman we have received your physical forms from the middle school and are prepared for your start at NW. If you are new to NW and have a physical from your previous school please have that with you. If you are new to athletics all together then you will need an IHSAA physical.
The athletic department has been working on a re-opening plan for the past couple of weeks. I will be releasing that information to everyone in the coming days. I want to assure all parents we are working diligently to be prepared for July 6. This plan includes protocol for everyone including coaches that will govern our re-opening. I have met with all head coaches and scheduled team sport practices to meet the criteria that has been given to us as a guideline for re-opening athletics. Our coaches have been doing a great job of communicating with our athletes throughout this time of closure. I am certain as we draw closer to July 6 there will be a number of questions. I will do my best to answer those questions that I am able to. Please remember we will be under the guidance of the Elkhart County Health Department as we move forward.
Last topic I want to cover is getting your children active NOW! If your son/daughter has not been doing much physical work during the closure I would highly recommend that they start asap. Get them outside and moving! If they wait until July 6 it will be hard on them no matter how slow we progress. All of our coaches have provided your children with workout plans. Discuss with your kids and get them moving! We truly look forward to the opening of summer voluntary workouts leading up to the official start of the IHSAA athletic season. Please do your part in helping your kids realize the importance of good hygiene practices of washing their hands and showering after practices. Athletes will need to provide their own water bottle from home when attending practices. Please make sure their name is clearly written on their bottle. In the coming days I will be releasing more details that you will need to be aware of. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all go through this together.