Panthers News · Phase 1 Summer Workout Details



  1. All summer activities are voluntary per IHSAA rules


  1. ONLY open to participants and essential personnel (coaches, administrators, managers, trainers).


  1. No parents/spectators may attend practice sessions. Parents are allowed to drop off athletes and then must leave campus.


  1. Participants must have submitted all medical information requirements by completing the IHSAA Health Release Form that can be found on the athletic website


  1. Locker rooms and showers WILL NOT be available during phase 1.


  1. Restrooms at the “Old” AC entrance will be open to athletes during their practices.


  1. Report in proper, clean gear that has been laundered since being used last.  Athletes should not bring towels or other accessories (backpacks) from home of any kind.


  1. All practice clothing is to be laundered at home.  NorthWood will not be providing laundry services for athletes.


  1. Athletes are expected to leave the school facility and return home at the conclusion of each activity.


  1. Athletes are expected to shower at home immediately after practice.


  1. Athletes are limited to 15 hours of school sponsored activities a week. We have set up our schedule to assure that multi-sport athletes do not violate this 15-hour rule.


  1. Coaches will disinfect any equipment used after each session.


  1. NorthWood will provide hand sanitizing stations both at outdoor and indoor facilities.


  1. NorthWood Athletics will not travel or compete with other schools for the entire month of July.


  1. Athletes will bring their own water and water bottles to each athletic activity.  Each water bottle must be identified with a name. No sharing with others. We will be able to provide a way to refill water bottles in a safe manner.


  1. Face coverings are allowed, if wearing one does not pose a health risk. MASKS ARE NOT MANDATORY BUT HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. We will have NorthWood masks available to purchase for every athlete that desires for $7 each.


  1. All physical contact is to be avoided if possible during Phase 1. Social distancing will be monitored during practices for athletes not directly involved with a drill.


  1. Parents and athletes should self-screen before coming to school.  Those showing symptoms of COVID-19 without being otherwise explained are to stay home.


  1. COVID-19 symptoms: fever (at or above 100.4), cough, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle aches, headache, sore throat, recent loss of taste or smell. Be cautious with your self-screening.


  1. Athletes who have had close contact with a person who has tested positive with COVID-19 are to stay home. Please communicate with the athletic office in the event a positive test has been determined.


  1. All athletes and essential personnel will be required to take attendance in a group that they are assigned by the head coach. During this attendance time each athlete including the coach will answer five questions pertaining to symptoms of Covid-19. If at any point an athlete or coach answer yes to these questions they will report to Mr. Widner for further evaluation.  Widner will then take a temperature and determine if student should be sent home.  Daily attendance records will be kept electronically in the athletic office on a daily basis.