Panthers News · Spring Sports/Parent Plan!

Yesterday the NLC athletic directors conducted an online meeting to come up with a plan for Spring sports in the event that we are back in school on May 4, 2020.  The entire conference agreed to the plan that is described in the NLC press release that was sent out yesterday afternoon.  As of this morning I have made all the changes on our online schedules which should update by the end of the day today.  Obviously this is all pending on a lot of factors falling into place but we conducted this meeting with a positive outlook that we will once again be back in school.  It is our goal to create an opportunity for our NLC athletes to have a competition season prior to the IHSAA tournament.

Another topic of conversation that we discussed was the well-being of our student/athletes as they are away from school.  All NLC schools agreed that it is important for our coaches to stay in touch with our athletes to be sure they are ok.  After speaking to our coaches yesterday I feel all of them are making an effort to communicate.  All of us empathize with the current scenario that our athletes are dealing with, especially our seniors.  There are a few scenarios that we are still currently holding on from the winter season.  First our boys basketball program having to deal with the cancellation of the boys basketball tournament after winning the Sectional.  As well as our girls not being able to get together to celebrate the State Championship in their awards program.  I truly believe that awards night even though inconvenient at times for adults provides closure for our athletes and especially our seniors.  We also realize that these are all events that are out of our control and with the seriousness of the health crisis does put things into perspective.

We will remain hopeful that our kids will get to compete this Spring.  As a conference we will continue to communicate and plan what is best for our athletes within the ever-changing environment we are faced with.  We encourage parents to get outside and participate with your children with what is probably several plans our coaches have sent. What a golden opportunity we have to connect with our kids through athletics.  One issue that is immensely different in this scenario is that all of us have become reliant on our coaches to provide for your children the opportunity to improve skills and strength.  Our coaches have their own families to care for as well.  They are under the same self-quarantine plan.  I have made it clear to our coaching staff that their first responsibility is to care for their families and when time permits to communicate with our athletes.  I commend our coaches for their continued efforts.  Now is the time we need parents to take on a integral role in not only their child’s remote learning plan but their athletic plan as well.


Lets set the goal to do at least two of the following;

1. Play catch – just be careful that your son or daughter doesn’t cut loose with a throw that might be harder to catch than you realize if you haven’t played for a while!!!  Don’t need any black-eyes or fat lips!

2. Go for a walk/run that is a part of their workout plan! We need some fresh air!!

3. Time your kids in a run they are doing to stay in shape.  If you are brave enough have your kids time you!!!!!

4. Get creative with a body-weight workout if you don’t have weight equipment.  I promise our athletes that are in APC class have many alternative exercises they can do!

5. Go for a bike ride! Weekend weather looks to be a little warmer and we all need to get out of the house for a while!

6. Strike up a conversation with your child about their thoughts on what we are all dealing with.  I’m guessing that you will be surprised how easy it is to strike up this conversation when you are playing catch in the back yard.  Might be a good time to ask them if there is a particular teammate that they are worried about.

7.  Come up with a plan to do something for a teammate.  Obviously we need to stay within the confines of our “social distancing” but as the U.S. Surgeon General has stated “doesn’t mean we have to be socially disengaged”.  There could be a teammate that doesn’t have plans for meals because the school usually provides that.  WaNee has a meal plan in place at several locations.  It might be that we help get a sack lunch to them by dropping it off.

8. Take some pictures of these activities!  If you would like, Email me your pictures  I would love to show others what we are doing to participate our kids.  

I could go on and on but simply we need to help each other through this.  The reality of what we are living with today is exactly what being on a team prepares us for, dealing with adversity.  Stay safe, stay healthy and continue to practice social distancing and we will get through this.

Looking forward to saying “Go Panthers!” again soon.