Panthers News · Local businesses continue to support NW Athletics!

I thought the picture of a new Jeep Wrangler wrapped in NW would get your attention!! The 2019 NW Athletic Season is in full swing and we continue to be humbled by the amount of support we received from our local businesses.  If you were able to attend last week’s football game vs. Jimtown and picked up our 2019 athletic program you will see that the number of businesses that endorse what we do continues to grow!  We sincerely thank every business that agreed to support our cause.  I referred to our “culture” in my AD’s comment section of that program and this is exactly what I was referring to.  It does not go unnoticed that businesses are here to support our athletes.  The attachment below is a digital copy of what we are putting out at our home football schedule for 2019.  New for 2019 are programs for our home volleyball, B & G Soccer, boys tennis events.

2019 NW Football Program


Platinum Sponsors for 2019 thru 2021.


Since the day that Burnworth-Zollar took over the dealership across the street from NorthWood High School they have been “all in” supporting NorthWood Athletics!  They have provided several different student driven initiatives over the last couple of years. The ownership group continuously communicates with our office to see what there is they can do to support our athletes. Just to give you an example……..see pictures below of the new Jeep Wrangler that is decked out in NW!  This will part of the 10th Annual Black Cat Ball!


Laurie Sumpter – Hahn Realty

I cannot say enough about Laurie and her continued support of all that is NorthWood!  If there is an opportunity to support what we do from our web-page @ , to our calendars to our football video board, Laurie is always a yes!  Laurie has always been right there for many of our new teachers that are looking to move into our community to get that perfect place to live.  It is easy to see that Laurie genuinely loves NorthWood High School.

Kountry Cabinets

Two years ago when we were starting to look for sponsors for our new football video board we did not have to wait long to hear from Kountry Cabinets.  Denny Miller has been a true professional in his communication with my office and myself throughout his relationship with NorthWood.  We were pleased to hear that the owners of this great business decided to renew with us again for the next two years!  Thanks to Denny and Kountry Cabinets!


This past Spring we had one of our spots come open and it just so happened that they day this became available OSMC was hosting our annual IHSAA Physical Night at the OSMC facility across the street from NW.  For the past four years the employees and physicians of OSMC have opened their doors to our athletes to get this all-important physical completed.  For most of our Friday night football games Dr. Stephenson is roaming our sidelines in the event we need to have a physician’s help with one of our injuries.  I have had many opportunities to visit with all of the doctors that support our athletes and OSMC is always there for us if we need them.


I would be wrong if I didn’t include one our great sponsors for all things NorthWood Athletics and that is Persing Tire & Lube of Nappanee!  Donna and her crew have been a mainstay for the athletic department for many years.  She has been the sponsor of the Halftime Hoop Shoot for the past ten years giving out cold hard cash to that lucky person that makes that shot!  She is always there ready to pay the winner if it happens!  Persing Tire & Lube has been a major sponsor of other things throughout my fifteen years as AD.  You have to admire Donna’ enthusiasm for NorthWood, I know our athletes and coaches sure do.

McCormick Motors has allowed us to use a box truck for many, many years to haul our football equipment all over the state!  They always have it ready for us to use every Friday night in the Fall.


By all means these are not the only businesses that have supported us.  We have businesses that come in to anonymously donate for our athletes that maybe cannot afford items they need to be a part of a team or items they need in order to compete.  They don’t want to be recognized or brought up at a board meeting.  They donate out of the kindness of their generosity to be sure all kids have the same chance. We have many businesses that support us through the many broadcasts that carry our events through Michiana Promotions, WHME TV or  It is a great privilege for our events to be broadcast for Panther Nation to watch wherever they might be.

Information about the 10th Annual Black Cat Ball will be forthcoming as well!  This is an event that would require its own article to detail all that this event has done for NW athletes over the last decade!  That article will come when the event draws near.  But just an FYI for your calendar the date for this years event is on November 9, 2019.  Nelson’s has been a huge part of this event.  If it weren’t for their willingness to host this event would not be possible!

We are looking forward to hosting Indianapolis Bishop Chatard on Friday night for the first time in school history.  Chatard is an elite program that we are proud to have the chance to compete against.   Looking forward to the great crowd  at one of the iconic high school football venues in Indiana, Andrews Field.

Go Panthers,