Panthers News · Wakarusa Ice Cream Social!

What towns shut down all the downtown streets to kickoff the high school athletic season????  Wakarusa!  If you have the opportunity to join us please do so it is worth your time!   This will always be a wonderful memory with Dr. Abel.  He was always so excited to have the kids in Wakarusa!  Dr. Abel absolutely loved this night, he beamed with pride when our kids and the band, cheerleader were all standing downtown! The band, the cheerleaders and many of the Fall NW teams will be hosted downtown to introduce their teams and the outlook for the 2019 Fall season.  Then afterwards enjoy some homemade cookies and Cook’s ice cream.  The Wakarusa Chamber of Commerce and Deb Shively does a wonderful job hosting our athletes.  Festivities will begin on August 8, 2019 at promptly 7:30 p.m.