Panthers News · NorthWood to participate in the Northridge Football Jamboree

NorthWood, Lakeland, Elkhart Central and Northridge will participate in a Jamboree that will take the place of the traditional scrimmage that we have participated in over the last several years.  The schedule for this Friday’s Jamboree @ Northridge is below.  Contact the athletic department for any questions.

PLACE: Northridge High School Football Field
DATE: Friday, August 10, 2018

6:00 Gates Open

6:50 National Anthem

7:00-7:30 Northridge vs. Lakeland

7:30-7:35 Clear field. 5-minute break.

7:35-8:05 NorthWood vs. Lakeland

8:05-8:15 Rules meeting/questions with officials on game field — all 4 teams

8:15-8:20 5-minute warm ups.

8:20-8:50 NorthWood vs. Elkhart Central

8:50-8:55 Clear field. 5-minute break.

8:55-9:25 Northridge vs. Elkhart Central