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Panthers News · VNN Statistics for March 2018!

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Since the inception of our VNN webpage we have had several changes take place.  If you still have the VNN app on your phone you can DELETE that app because it is no longer in use.  The best way to utilize the website is by going directly through a browser whether it is through a mobile device or a computer.  I am guessing our numbers will go up again once the app has been deleted.  Remember our website address is  If you are not signed up for the team alerts it is a great way to gain early information on cancellations and rescheduling of contests with our beautiful weather!

We are currently going through another big change in the athletic office with our scheduling software.  You might begin to see emails or popups that are related to a company called “Eventlink”.  Eventlink is a subsidiary of School Data Books and this software takes care of our officials schedules, event contracts, payment of officials, event workers, facility schedule and team practices basically the heartbeat of what we do.  We hope to complete this transition over the next couple of weeks.

Something I find interesting is that VNN releases a monthly stat sheet on how many hits our webpage receives.  For the month of March we ranked 19th in the State of Indiana with 13811 hits!  I have attached the entire stat sheet so you can compare.

March 2018 VNN Stats