Panthers News · Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Information


We have had a confirmed case of HFMD at NorthWood High School.  As of now this only pertains to the football team.  The incubation period for HFMD is approximately 3-5 days.  This is something that is not out of the ordinary and is not cause for major concern but we do want to make you aware of some precautions that your family can take. There is an attachment that you can read and discuss as a family to be sure you are practicing good personal hygiene.  The biggest issues we face is kids not taking practice clothes home to be washed and not showering after practice is over. Everyone that needs to be aware of this at NW has been informed from custodians that clean our locker rooms, Mrs. Roeder (school nurse), Mr. Maugel and Mr. Widner.  Before football practice today we cleaned helmets and sprayed disenfectant on their shoulder pads.  We are asking that all student/athlete practice clothes be washed thoroughly at home.  Football players should take equipment and disinfect and let set out in the bright sunshine that is predicted for this weekend. We appreciate your help in dealing with this issue. Information is on the link below;

Hand, Foot & Mouth Info